The Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for preparing our community for All-Hazard Preparedness and Response, which encompasses Natural, Technological, Human Caused Risks and Threats. We maintain partnerships with over 108 Agencies in the Santa Fe Area that include County Departments, private sector, faith based organizations, schools and volunteer organizations active in disaster response. Adjacent cities, counties and tribes complete this horizontal community. Vertically we work in partnership with the State, Federal and in some instances International organizations. Emergency planning, training and maintaining mission ready deployable equipment is also required to meet this preparedness mission. The County Emergency Operations Center is one of several facilities ready to activate if needed. Several mobile command units are routinely deployed to support first responders on more complex emergencies. A significant portion of our programs agenda is mandated by Presidential Policy Directives in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Santa Fe County was one of few communities in the Nation who prepared for non-traditional roles between Law Enforcement and the Fire Service in responding to mass shootings starting back in 2010. We have had significant involvement in preparing our responders for a Highly Infectious Disease Pandemic. As we watched the Nation, deal with the lack of Personal Protective Equipment for Health Care Workers Santa Fe County Responders had ample supplies of PPE. A result of ten years of preparing for another Public Health Emergency. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Office has played a key role in our community coordinating vaccine operations, supplying PPE and assisting in guidance for responder COVID-19 cases.


Don "Brad" Call
Emergency Management Director

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