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Native Plant Interpretive Signage Installed at Arroyo Hondo Open Space

SANTA FE, NM- The Arroyo Hondo Land Trust Board and Santa Fe County Open Space & Trails Division proudly announce the installation of a new interpretive display at the southern trailhead of Arroyo Hondo Open Space, located near the intersection of Old Las Vegas Highway and Arroyo Hondo Road. This newly installed display showcases depictions of native plants illustrated by local artists in various media. Former State Botanist, Bob Sivinski, lent his expertise in identifying the native plants, while 20 local artists contributed their unique interpretation of the native plants for the informational poster. 

Generously funded by an anonymous donor, the project was meticulously coordinated by Amy Lewis and received invaluable support from dedicated volunteers. Among them, Jeff Smith, Greg Lewis, and Peter Prandoni played pivotal roles in constructing the kiosk. The Santa Fe County Open Space & Trails staff provided significant assistance in installing the kiosk. The poster is intended to celebrate both native plants and talented local artists, while helping visitors connect to the beauty of the land and the native plant assemblage it supports. It is an opportunity to see plants through the eyes of the artists who have grown to appreciate and love the native flora in the Arroyo Hondo area. Through increased understanding of native plant diversity, the display is also intended to inspire stewardship of native plants on public and private land, and help the ecosystem be more resilient to the challenges presented by climate change.

The Arroyo Hondo Land Trust is a private non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the quality of life in the Arroyo Hondo neighborhood by preserving its open, rural character, protecting its unique ecological and historical areas, and maintaining equestrian and pedestrian pathways. The Land Trust serves as a forum for community concerns and an information resource for residents. More information is available at

Santa Fe County’s Open Space, Trails and Parks Program sustainably manages and conserves a vibrant network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural community resources that inspire a deep sense of regional identity and stewardship among current and future generations.

For more information regarding the interpretive signage, contact Adeline Murthy, Open Space & Trails Planning Team Leader at