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RECC interim Director Steps Into Role of Director

SANTA FE –Roberto Lujan is stepping into the role of Director at the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) after serving as the Interim Director since May 2022.  The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center Board of Directors recommended the appointment at the August 4 meeting. Lujan brings 16 years of experience in emergency dispatch and communications to the job.

Julie Salazar, the President of Santa Fe County Telecommunicator’s Association, said, “We are optimistic that Santa Fe RECC can see positive, dramatic changes with the appointment of Roberto Lujan as Director.”

Lujan was born and raised in Santa Fe where he worked for his parents’ ice cream company as a child, and graduated from Santa Fe High School in 2004.  Roberto began his career at Santa Fe County as a dispatcher, then worked in Los Alamos as a supervisor before returning to the leadership role in Santa Fe County.  

“I had family working in public safety and always had an interest in becoming a first responder. However, when I began dispatching I immediately knew that this would be my lifelong role in public safety. It allowed me to help not only the public, but to be the lifeline between public safety responders and the community,” Lujan said.

The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center is a partnership between Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe, dispatching the appropriate agencies to all police, fire, medical, and animal control Emergency 911 and... read more