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Santa Fe County Assessor Extends Notice of Valuation Deadline and Enhances Services for Residents

Santa Fe, NM- The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor is pleased to announce the extension of the official mail-out of Notice of Valuation (NOV) for all County residents to May 1, 2024. This extension, granted by the Property Tax Division (PTD), comes in response to substantial improvements and changes made to the NOV process, aligning it with standards across New Mexico and enhancing service to constituents.

Alongside this extension, the Assessor's office has undertaken several key initiatives, including the valuation of short-term rentals, implementation of in-office workflows, and enhancements to its website for improved user interaction and accessibility. The revamped website prioritizes user-friendliness, upgrades to the chatbot service, clear information structure, and a modern design aimed at facilitating quick access to relevant resources.

Santa Fe County residents can expect their NOVs to be mailed out no later than May 1, 2024. Additionally, the deadline for filing benefits, exemptions, and property valuation appeals has been extended to 30 days following the revised mail-out date.

For inquiries or concerns regarding NOVs, residents are encouraged to contact the Assessor’s Office at (505) 986-6300 or

For more information, please visit the Santa Fe County Assessor's website.