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Santa Fe County Expands Access to Solid Waste Permits and Bag Tags Through Local Businesses

Santa Fe, NM- Solid waste permits and bag tags are essential components in the responsible management of waste within our community, ensuring that households and businesses in Santa Fe County have access to efficient waste disposal services.

Effective October 20, 2023, the Santa Fe County Treasure office in partnership with the El Dorado Supermarket (7 Avenida Vista Grande, Santa Fe, NM 87508) and the San Marcos Café & Feed Store (3877 State Rd 14, NM-14, Santa Fe, NM 87508) will be offering solid waste permits and bag tags as a way to better serve constituents who live in rural parts of Santa Fe County.

Constituents now have multiple options for obtaining their permits and bag tags. They can visit the participating stores and conveniently scan a QR Code with their mobile devices to make online purchases with immediate receipt of their permits and bag tags over the counter. Alternatively, constituents can choose to purchase these items by bringing a cashier's check made out to the Santa Fe County Treasures office to the partnering businesses mentioned above.

Bag tag and solid waste permit prices:

Bag Tags - $9

1 Trip - $18

3 Trip - $27.50

6 Trip - $55

12 Trip -$110

Low income 6 Trip - $50

Low income 12 Trip - $100

Senior 6 Trip- $50

Senior 12 Trip - $100

Veteran 6 Trip - $50

Veteran 12 Trip - $100

Please ensure that all cashier's checks are made payable to:

Santa Fe County Treasures Office

PO Box T

Santa Fe, NM, 87504

Constituents who would rather have their bag tags or permits mailed to them can purchase them online at:  

Santa Fe County is committed to a cleaner and more sustainable community through the expansion of solid waste sales. All constituents play an active role in building a healthy future.

For additional information, please contact Santa Fe County Treasures Office at 505-986-6245 or email