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Santa Fe County Fire Marshal Reinstates Open Burning Permits Beginning Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Santa Fe, NM- The Santa Fe County Fire Marshal, in accordance with the authority granted by County Ordinance 2018-8 and the International Fire Code, 2015 edition, is pleased to announce the rescission of Fire Marshal Order and the reinstatement of open burning within the unincorporated areas of Santa Fe County, effective Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Santa Fe County would like to thank its residents for adhering to Fire Marshal Order, your cooperation has significantly mitigated the harmful effects of uncontrolled fires during the driest months of 2023. With the recent cooling weather conditions, ushered in by a backdoor cold front beginning on Sunday, September 10, local fire conditions have improved significantly.

As we prepare for winter, residents are encouraged to undertake yard and field maintenance of defensible space around their homes and structures to enhance community safety. Santa Fe County is aware of the challenges constituents face in disposing of green waste and want to support alternative methods for the reduction of what could become fuel for a wildfire.  

In light of the improved conditions and the reasons stated above, Fire Marshal Order is no longer necessary and is officially rescinded, effective Tuesday, September 12, 2023. Residents can now safely resume open burning activities while continuing to prioritize fire safety measures. 

With the rescission in effect, the following actions are authorized:

Current Permit Holders of Santa Fe County open burning permits may resume burning in accordance with the terms of those permits.

New open burning permits may be applied for online, streamlining the process for those who wish to engage in open burning activities.

The Santa Fe County Fire Marshal commends the community for its cooperation and responsible actions during challenging fire conditions. 

For additional information and details on obtaining open burning permits, please visit the Santa Fe County website at

For further information regarding the open burn ban, please contact the Santa Fe County Fire Department at 505- 995-6517 or email