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Santa Fe County Urges Residents to Prioritize Real Emergencies Over Non-Essential Calls “Dial, Connect, Protect: When to Choose 911”

SANTA FE, NM- In an effort to promote effective communication and ensure the optimal use of emergency services, Santa Fe County is launching an educational campaign to inform residents about the appropriate times to make non-emergency calls. From January 2023 to July 2023, the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center has handled a total of 223,997 calls. Of those calls, only 102,349 of them were dispatched for service. That means, 121,648 calls were not related to services needing emergent or non-emergent Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, or Animal Control.

In this regard, Santa Fe County advises residents to carefully contemplate how emergency services play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and well-being. At the same time, consider how equally important it is to reserve these services for situations that genuinely require immediate attention. To address this, Santa Fe County has developed the “When to choose 911” guideline, aimed at providing residents with the knowledge to distinguish between emergency and non-emergency situations.

Santa Fe County also urges residents to identify the phone number for the specific service they are trying to reach. For example, when trying to reach a specific law enforcement officer or administrative member of the Sheriff’s office. The correct number to call would be the administrative line for the Sheriff’s department (505) 986-2455. RECC also receives many calls from the public seeking copies of their police report. Instead, callers can reach Records directly at 505-986-2400. Calling these numbers directly allows RECC staff to focus on immediate needs for emergency and non-emergency Public Safety dispatch services.

"We believe that educating our community about the appropriate use of emergency and non-emergency public safety services is a collective responsibility," said Roberto Lujan, Regional Emergency Communication Center Director. "By raising awareness and educating our constituents about when to make non-emergency calls, we can ensure that emergency lines remain available for critical situations and that the response time for those in urgent need is not compromised."

This is not an effort to discourage the public from calling when in need of Public Safety non-emergency/ emergency services, instead this is an effort to guide the public to the appropriate resources.

Please read the “When to choose 911” guidelines below and share them with your family or those under your direct care:

Residents Should Call 911 When

When the condition or situation is life threatening

When there is a crime in progress

Drug Overdose

When a person needs skills, medication or equipment that only a paramedic may obtain access.

Any type of structure, brush or vehicle fire

A vehicle collision with injury, blocking a roadway or airbag deployment.

Residents Should Call Non-Emergency Contacts When

Noise complaints

Minor property damage

Lost or stolen items

Police Reports or Record Requests

Vehicle collision on private property without injury

Other incidents that do not pose an immediate threat to life or property.

Santa Fe Alternative Contacts

Residents, please keep and utilize these non-emergency contacts to handle situations that do not require immediate attention:


(505) 428-3710

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office

(505) 986-2455 35 Camino Justicia 87508

Santa Fe County Fire Department Administration

(505) 992-3070

35 Camino Justicia 87508

Animal Control

(505) 992-1626 100 Caja Del Rio 87501

Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office Records

(505) 986-2400 35 Camino Justicia 87508

Temporary Restraining Orders (District Court)

(505) 992-1626 100 Catron St. 87501

Adult Detention Center – Booking

(505) 428-3232

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


*Offers 24/7 call, text and chat access to trained crisis counselors who can help people experiencing suicidal, substance use, and/or mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress.

By empowering residents with the knowledge to differentiate between emergency and non-emergency situations, Santa Fe County strives to enhance public safety and contribute to the overall response time to emergencies in our community.

Don’t let non-emergencies compete with real ones! Help Santa Fe first responders better help you!

For more information, please visit or contact RECC Director Roberto Lujan at (505) 992-3096.

For any further media inquiries regarding the “Dial, Connect, Protect: When to choose 911” campaign please contact Communications Coordinator, Olivia Romo at