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Road Settlement Agreements

The Santa Fe County Commission unanimously approved four separate settlement agreements with the Pueblos of Nambé, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso and Tesuque on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  The settlements with four Northern New Mexico Pueblos establish rights of way for certain roadways for the next 198 years, two successive 99-year terms.  Tribal and county leaders applauded the agreements.

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*Copies of the Settlement Agreements are available at the Pojoaque Satellite Office.

Aamodt Settlement Agreement and Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System

Santa Fe County, the Pueblos of Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso and Tesuque, the State of New Mexico, the United States, and the City of Santa Fe (“Settling Parties”) entered into a Settlement Agreement, which was approved and adopted by the Federal Court in 2016. The Agreement primarily concerns the water rights of the four Pueblos in the Aamodt adjudication within the Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque basin, but it also makes certain beneficial concessions regarding non-Pueblo water rights. The goal of the Settlement Agreement is to resolve the Pueblos’ water rights claims while preserving existing non-Pueblo water uses. This goal is achieved, in part, by bringing more water into the Pojoaque Basin through the construction of a regional water system for both Pueblo and non-Pueblo water users. Approximately 60% of the cost of constructing the system will be paid by the federal government, 28% by the State, and the rest will be paid by the County.

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