Capital & Priority Projects for SFC Public Works

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Santa Fe County Public Works is one of the largest departments in Santa Fe County with 175 positions inclusive of roads, utilities, open space, trails, facilities, fleet, solid waste, traffic, and real property. We serve both internal and external customers daily with over 75% of our workforce is in the field. Typically, Public Works consists of operations and maintenance. We oversee and maintain 120 County buildings while also being the construction base for local government in regards to projects.

For Santa Fe County Utility, we serve 4000 customers and provides water and wastewater services.

Automated Bulk Water Dispensing Facility is a key service in Santa Fe County. While we only have 1 dispensing facility, called Ojo de Agua it offsets people needs for domestic water (livestock, cooking, drinking, and irrigation) while also providing commercial customers water for dust mitigation and construction. Approximately 1 million gallons of water are pulled from the station a year.

Vertical/Open Space/Utility Projects

  • Santa Fe River Trail and Greenway Project
    • Santa Fe County plans to construct a 10-foot wide concrete multi- use trail along the Santa Fe River from Siler Road to San Ysidro Crossing as part of the Regional Trail System. This trail extension will provide both recreational opportunities and serve as an alternative transportation route. The project will also consist of a newly paved .36-mile road that will be approximately 22-feet wide and will provide all weather access to several properties.  The road will be accessed from San Ysidro Crossing. A newly paved trailhead with 14 parking spaces which can be accessed from Siler Road will be constructed as part of the Santa Fe River Greenway design. Once completed, the trail will provide connectivity from Downtown Santa Fe to Romero Park which is located off Caja Del Oro Grant Road.  The County has been working in a joint effort with the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization and the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division to ensure that certain aspects of the design meet all state and local requirements.  The goal is for the County to start construction by fall of 2023.
  • Cerillos Senior Center/Fire Station
    • Project Budget: $4,954,963.57 construction
    • Project Scope: Design and construct a new combined Senior Center and Volunteer Fire Station facility under one roof with the ability to expand both in the future.
    • Procurement: Design/Bid/Build
    • Contractors: General Construction: Duke City Builders, LLC Architect: Lloyd and Associates
    • Furniture: Creative Interiors, Inc.
    • Solar: Sol Luna Solar
    • Projected Substantial Completion Date: 3/30/2024
    • Current Project Status: Pad site completed two weeks ahead of schedule. Underground PNM electric hookup now being constructed. Next phase will be foundation construction.

Abedon Lopez Senior Center Demolition & Rebuild

  • Project Budget: $4,935,021.00
  • Project Scope: Design, Demo and Re-Build a new Community Center.
  • Procurement: CES JOC
  • Design: Studio Southwest Architecture
  • Contractors: Jaynes Inc.
  • Current Project Status: Board of County Commissioners approved demo package on 5/30/23. Received PO for demolition. Phase I PO produced for Jaynes 6.13.23.
  • 100% DD’s complete and first cost estimate status. Including phase 1 (Jaynes -$992K) for demo & retaining wall; estimate total is $3.6 million.

Turquoise Trail Bulk Water Station

  • Project Budget: $ 850,000.00
  • Project Scope: Tie in to existing County water line at Turquoise Trail Elementary School and install 2.3 miles of waterline to connect TT Fire Station and design a Flow Point Bulk Water Station, which will be installed as part of scope. Will receive donation of property from Rancho Viejo Inc.
  • Procurement: SFC for on call surveying/ CES for design services Contractors: Wilson & Co. for design work
  • Projected Substantial Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: Survey PO obtained 6.13.23. Met with Warren Thompson, Rancho Viejo landowner 6.23.23 to discuss usage of his land in exchange for 5 taps to County Water when line is installed. New drawings with new property boundary lines are being created with changes implemented. New quotes obtained from Wilson 7.12.23. Cornerstone Land Surveying (original surveyor of 3 Turquoise Trail Ct. is creating new plat to illustrate lot line adjustment.) IPR submitted 7.7.23. PO obtained for lot line adjustment. PO/ NTP sent 7.21.23. Surveyor expects to be on site Aug. 1-3 and have plat by Aug. 15 at latest

Glorietta Well Project

  • The Glorieta Well Project will provide a replacement to serve the Glorieta area with clean, safe and reliable drinking water. The project is a partnership between the County and the Greater Glorieta Community Regional Mutual Domestic Water Consumers and Sewage Works Association. The project will construct a new well to replace the existing contaminated well, upgrade an 8” distribution waterline, upgrade connections to existing household waterlines, and provide miscellaneous appurtenances to make the system function more efficiently. The project budget includes $1,131,968 for well construction from a Department of Finance Administration / Local Government Bureau administered Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant. Additionally, $487,000 in NM Legislative Capital Outlay funding and $787,227 in NM Water Trust Board funds contribute to the overall $2,406,195 project budget. The project is fully designed and currently under contracted. Completion is anticipated for the end of 2023.

Romero Park Phase 2

  • The 68-acres will feature new enhancements, including 5 new pickle ball courts; a game zone consisting of gaga ball, tetherball, horseshoe pits, and a sand volley ball court. For the enjoyment of families and community members, Santa Fe County will construct a new picnic shelter and plaza area with multiple seating that will facilitate future opportunities for events, gatherings, and entertainment with electrical upgrades. In addition, the park will provide a food truck area and walking trails where neighboring residents can bring their pets and enjoy the current lawn and baseball field. The current park layout also houses a large picnic shelter with restrooms, basketball court, 2 playgrounds, and an irrigated lawn area that supports many uses.
  • Master plan for years, lots of land not being used at the current time. Finishing up very soon and landscaping will put in irrigation soon. Big grand opening and ribbon cutting. Commissioner Anna Hansen. Caja del Oro Grant Rd. Fire station and existing park. Phase 2 next couple months have a ribbon cutting.

Arroyo Hondo Trail Segment 2 & 3

  • Project Budget: $369,933.07
  • Project Scope: Right of Way acquisition, final design, project certifications, and future construction of a 10 feet wide concrete recreational trail. Arroyo Hondo trail segments 2 & 3 extend from Turquoise Trail park at NM Highway 14 to Richards Avenue for a length of 2.8 miles total.
  • Procurement: Sole Source Agreement for Design Design Engineer: Otak, Inc.
  • Projected Design Completion: April 30, 2023
  • Current Project Status: County staff have directed the Design Engineer to move forward with ROW certifications, required federal/state permitting, and 100% plans that meet the NMDOT grant requirements. 1-year Amendment extension with NMDOT/TLPA sent to County for authorizing signatures.
  • Along the Arroyo Hondo connect west side to Lamy. Under or over HWY 14 to the Rail Runner Station. Transportation alternatives. Out to bid shortly. Funding through NMDOT

Nicholas Sanchez Park

  • Project Budget: $176,000
  • Project Scope: Utilizing CES – Exerplay design/build a playground park on the .37-acre lot in the Carlson neighborhood. The park will consist of an ADA parking slot, fenced area, ½ court BB pad, playground equipment set, 2 sheltered pads with picnic tables and a swing set. All features will be accessed by concrete pathways.
  • Procurement: CES – Exerplay
  • Current Project Status: Project equipment has been received and stored on SFC property. PO is out to Exerplay from CES. A tentative start date from Exerplay is September 19th. Once began the project will not take more than a couple weeks. Sign is installed, and will get maintenance and roads to remove fence and level ground. Ribbon cutting and park event organized after completion of project with Senator Stefanics, Commissioner Hughes and the residents of the Carlson Subdivision.

Public Safety Expansion (Sheriffs & RECC)

  • Project Manager: Rod Lambert
  • Project Budget: $6 Million
  • Project Scope: (1) Renovation of Sheriff division to include more offices, new flooring and furniture, expanded evidence room and hydraulic garage. (2) Renovation of Fire division to include expanded reception area in lobby, office conversion, new flooring and furniture.
  • Procurement: Various Contractor(s): Jaynes, Creative Interiors, Davenport Construction, APIC Solutions
  • Projected Substantial Completion: October 2023
  • Current Project Status: (Sheriff) all concrete poured for addition bump outs, walls go up week of 7/31. Pending: estimate for evidence room storage shelving, researching technology migration best practices and finalizing PO for furniture. (Fire) waiting for estimates for expanded reception area, office conversion, new flooring. Early November and December completion. We will remodel old RECC facility and then the Sherffi will move into that space in 2024.

Water Reclamation Facility (State Pen on HWY 14)

  • Project Manager: Paul Choman
  • Project Budget: $9,852,257.69
  • Project Scope: Design and construct a Water Reclamation Facility on grounds of the Penitentiary of NM
  • Procurement: Design/Build Contractor: Integrated Water Services
  • Projected Substantial Completion: Pending
  • Current Project Status: Construction commenced February 2019; completion estimated June 2023. Purchasing shut down project eff. 5/23/2023 – worked with Purchasing to re-start project eff. 5/30/2023. IWS is (1) working through Punch List items (4 remaining) at plant and (2) completing CO #8 (new meters/telemetry for New Hyde Park subdivision) estimated to be complete June 2023 (8 of 76 meters remaining as of 6/20/2023; cellular collector is operable & 18 meters actively reporting to SFC billing system). Internal SFC punch list item: acquisition and installation of auto-dialer card, which is still back-ordered (since February 2023)
  • Landmark project and almost substantially complete COVID provided some delays. We have a discharge permit to release that water back into the stream and spray irrigation field. Use it for other purposes. Used for dust control, irrigation, purchase for construction.

Agua Fria Wastewater System

  • Project Manager: Paul Choman
  • Project Budget: $1,120,000.00
  • Project Scope: Progressively add wastewater connections to a series of streets in Agua Fria Village
  • Procurement: Agua Fria Village lobbying State Legislature for Grant Funding Contractor: Various Projected Substantial Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: On-going: AF Village requested $10 million from NM State legislature most recent session- received $1.1 million, so scope being adjusted to reflect $ received 8 streets have been designed / 4 completed.
  • The Agua Fria Wastewater Project is a top priority of the Public Works Departments’ Utilities Division. After a Professional Engineering Report was completed, work commenced in the order of (1) obtaining easements from property owners, (2) engineering design and (3) construction work. This project is being performed in phases which will coincide with the availability of funding.
  • The first phase included easement acquisition and engineering design for eight streets. As of today, four streets have been constructed (completed February 2022) and the remaining four streets are currently in the construction procurement process.
  • The process of completing the remainder of this project is intended to occur as follows:
    • Easement acquisition; then
    • Funding acquisition; then
    • Design of additional streets (the number of which will be determined by the amount of financing); then
    • Construction work to install sewer infrastructure.
  • The quantity of streets designed (with easements obtained) will exceed the quantity of streets constructed until the end of this project.  This process will allow for a continuous flow of design and construction work to occur until the project is completed.

NE/SE Connector

  • Project Budget: $ 20,079,581
  • Project Scope: Construct a new roadway to alleviate congestion along Richards Avenue Design Consultant: Souder Miller and Associates (SMA)
  • Contractor: Albuquerque Underground Inc. (AUI)
  • Construction Manager: Horrocks Engineers
  • Projected Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: Under construction
  • Project Update Narrative: On Friday, July 21st Santa Fe County opened the first and newly constructed roundabout to traffic on Richards Ave. and Avenida del Sur intersection according to our sixty-day calendar contract timeframe. This is the first of six roundabouts slated for the Northeast and Southeast Connectors Roads Project.
  • In addition to this reopening, the Rancho Viejo trail connection located at the southwest quadrant of this intersection has also been completed and officially reopened to pedestrian and bicycle traffic on July 21st.
  • It is important to note that there will be a subsequent closure of Richards Ave. and Avenida del Sur in upcoming months for a brief 24-hour period to install solar street lighting. Due to supply chain delays the vendor could not provide the materials during the initial closure and is working with Santa Fe County to replace the street light bases in a timely fashion.
  • Anticipate Upcoming Closure:
  • Tentatively, beginning mid-September, Santa Fe County will close a portion of Richards Avenue North of Dinosaur Trail and South of Beckner Rd. for the construction of the second round-about. Please note that Dinosaur Trail will not be closed. The contractor has 60 days to complete this new segment of road, slating the reopening for late Fall of 2023. Residents can anticipate detour maps, construction scheduling and other relative information on the anticipated closure one week before construction commences. 

Galisteo Park Extension

  • Project Budget: $100,000 (100% State Grant)
  • Project Scope: Install shade structure to cover existing playground equipment, provide another picnic table, and provide shade structures for new table and existing table.
  • Procurement: CES – Exerplay Project Status: PO produced 7.20.23 to CES for sending to vendor. NTP will be sent 7.26.23 for ordering of the equipment. Install will happen after equipment arrives. Expected 6-month lead time.