Santa Fe County has many ongiong capital projects ranging from Roadways to Utilities and Verticles! Below are some of the projects we are pleased to be apart of! 

Santa Fe River – Final Design Section B District 2, Project #7708

  • Project Scope: Develop final design plans for the Santa Fe River Greenway –Section B project from Siler Road to San Ysidro Crossing
  • Project Budget: $540,000.00
  • Projected Design Completion:  Pending SHPO approval

Madrid Fire Station District 3, Project #8016 

  • Project Scope: Project is to remodel the interior, Engine bay addition, meeting room addition and equipment area addition.
  • Project Budget: $1,250,997.99
  • Project Completion:  TBD

Oscar Huber Memorial Ballpark District 3, Project #0751

  • Project Scope: Develop final design plans for the Oscar Huber Memorial Ballpark to facilitate construction of ADA staircase access
  • Project Budget: $157,017.89
  • Projected Design Completion:  May 2023

Chupadero MDCWA District 1, project #1477

  • Project Scope: Install water line and connect to treatment system for community water supply.
  • Project Budget: $1,227,358.00
  • Projected Substantial Completion: June 2, 2023

Cerrillos Hwy 14 Senior Center/Turquoise Trail #3 Fire Station District 3, Project #7122 Seniors #8030 Fire

  • Project Scope: Design and construct a new combined Senior Center and Volunteer Fire Station facility under one roof with the ability to expand both in the future.
  • Project Budget: $4,954,963.57 construction

Chimayo Fire Station – Apparatus Bay Project District 1, Project #8020

  • Project Scope: Addition of an apparatus bay and two storage rooms.
  • Project Budget Construction: $1,333,112.20
  • Design Completion date: Late February 2023 - to complete the 60% construction documents to 100% construction documents.
  • Projected Substantial Completion: TBD

Bulk Water Turquoise Trail District 5, Project #1436

  • Project Scope: Tie in to existing County water line at Turquoise Trail Elementary School and install 2.3 miles of waterline to connect TT Fire Station and design a Flow Point Bulk Water
  • Project Budget:   $ 1,850,000.00

District Attorney Building Remodel District 4, Project #7123

  • Project Scope: Building interior remodel.
  • Project Budget:  $3,742,152.00
  • Design Completion: June 2023
  • Projected Substantial Completion: TBD

Avenida De Compadres Trail District 5, Project #0658

  • Project Scope: Place asphalt on existing gravel trail to include culverts where needed. 
  • Project Budget: $584,758.00

Romero Park Phase II District 2, Project #0732

  • Project Scope: Phase II Improvements include providing a new court sports area, adding parking, and providing building code upgrades. The work includes but is not limited to construction of: pickle ball courts, volleyball court, a game area, a small picnic shelter (36-40 capacity) adjacent to a native grass lawn, parking area expansion, dog park, and additional connected walking paths and historic dump site cleanup.
  • Project Budget: $4,290,516.00
  • Projected Substantial Completion: 8/30/2023