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Public Works


Don't Forget you can submit requests from your mobile device or tablet.


Report A Road/Traffic Concern

Please utilize the "Click here to Submit Your Request" box below to notify Santa Fe County Public Works Department of any routine road maintenance concerns in your area on County maintained roads.

Once you click on the link, you can use the system by typing in the name of the County road or by using the interactive map to select the area where your road maintenance request is located.  When you are submitting your request, be as specific as possible when providing descriptive information. To receive updates, please provide a valid email address.

Once you have submitted a request, you can view the status of your request, see if anyone else has submitted a similar request or see if there are any other requests in your area.

Note: Santa Fe County can only provide maintenance on County maintained roads, therefore the system will only accept valid County roads for maintenance requests.

The number of requests does not increase the response time in which a request will be processed.

For more information, to request a street sign be placed on your street, or to report a down stop sign please call 505-992-3010.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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How long will it take Santa Fe County to process my request?

Why can't Santa Fe County provide maintenance on my private road?

How do I know if I live on a County road or private road?

My address will not come up in the system, how do I submit a request?

I received an "Unable to Fulfill" notification on my request, what does this mean?

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