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2021006231,2021006232, 2021006233/Aggravated DUI Warrant service x 2/8.5.21

Deputy Assigned: Marcus Ward

Commander Entering: CPL Jared Mosher

Suspect: Andrew Delgado 24 Santa Fe NM

Location: I-25 MM 278 Santa Fe NM

Suspect was stopped for traffic violations and showed signs of impairment. His license was revoked and he also had warrants for his arrest. He was provided breath samples of .16 and was booked.

Posted: August 5, 2021 @ 5:59 AM

2021006230/Warrant Arrest/8.5.2021

Deputy Assigned: Jose Puentes

Commander Entering: Cpl. Jared Mosher

location: 5721 Airport Road Santa Fe NM

Suspect: Montana Douglas 25 Santa Fe NM

Suspect was recognized by deputies and it was discovered she had an active warrant for her arrest. She was booked

Posted: August 5, 2021 @ 2:46 AM

2021006228/Aggravated DUI/8.4.2021

Deputy Assigned: Gabe Nieto

Commander Entering: Cpl. Jared Mosher

Suspect: Eli Martinez 40 Pecos NM

Location I-25 MM 299 Santa Fe NM

Suspect was involved in a motor vehicle crash showed signs of impairment. He was arrested and refused a breath test.  

Posted: August 5, 2021 @ 2:16 AM

2021006267/Warrant Service/8.4.21

Deputy Assigned: Marilyn Rodriguez

Commander Entering: Cpl Jared Mosher

location 28 Camino Justicia Santa Fe NM

Suspect: Ronnie Trujillo 34 Santa Fe NM

Suspect was incarcerated at the county jail and was served with a warrant issued from Bernalillo County Metro Court.

Posted: August 5, 2021 @ 2:10 AM

2021006208/ Possession (meth)/ 8/4/21

Assigned Deputy: P. Ficke

Location: 2829 Agua Fria (Speedway)

Suspect: Shianne Devargas 26 years

The suspect was seen smoking (meth) in their vehicle. The suspect had two outstanding felony warrants. The suspect was booked without incident.  


Posted: August 4, 2021 @ 4:29 PM

2021006218/ Burglary/ 8/4/21

Assigned Deputy: J. War

Location: 3 Contract Road

Suspect: Zia Loya

On the above date deputies responded to 3 Contract road in reference to a burglary. The suspect is still outstanding. Stolen was an EBT card and cash.

Posted: August 4, 2021 @ 3:53 PM

2021006202/ Battery against a household member/ 8/4/2021

Assigned Deputy: P Ficke

Location: 4207 San Ysidro Lane

Suspect: Isaish Martinez 20 years old

Deputies responded to the above address for a domestic. The suspect battered his mother and was the primary aggressor. The suspect was arrested for the charge of battery against a household member. Additionally the suspect had an outstanding warrant.  

Posted: August 4, 2021 @ 8:55 AM

2021006201/ Unattended death/ 8/4/2021

Assigned Deputy: M. Sanchez

Location: Off of Feather Catcher Road

On the above date deputies responded to an unattended death. A DNR was in place and the death was of natural causes. No foul play was observed.

Posted: August 4, 2021 @ 8:48 AM

2021006199 / Aggravated DWI, Roadways Laned For Traffic / 8/3/21

Deputy assigned: J. Lujan

Commander entering: Lt. M. Delgado

Location: Bishops Lodge Road at Big Tesuque Canyon

Arrested: Brian Birk, 63-year-old male from Tesuque N.M.

On 8-3-21 Mr. Birk was traveling south on Bishops Lodge Road when he veered out of his lane and crashed head on into a northbound vehicle.  Further investigation revealed he was intoxicated at the time and refused to submit to chemical testing.  He was arrested and booked into the Santa Fe County Jail accordingly.   

Posted: August 3, 2021 @ 11:21 PM

2021006198 / Aggravated Battery, Battery Against a Household Member / 8-3-21

Deputy Assigned: J. Deprez

Commander entering: Lt. M. Delgado

Location: residence on Camino De Los Bacas, Chimayo N.M.

Arrested: Sherwood Ensey, 73-year-old male from Chimayo N.M.

On 8-3-21 Mr. Ensey battered 2 people during an altercation at his residence.  One of the victims was a family member.  Both victims sustained injuries, one had severe scratched to their eyes. Mr. Ensey was placed under arrest and booked into the Santa Fe County Jail accordingly.   

Posted: August 3, 2021 @ 11:01 PM

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