Open Space and Trails



The mission of the Open Space and Trails Program is to create a network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural open spaces and trails throughout Santa Fe County that achieve the goals outlined in the Open Land and Trails Plan to benefit current and future generations.

The program aims to develop open space and trails planning and management based on integration with existing regulations and requirements as well as cooperative efforts between private entities, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Based on existing conditions of individual sites, open space and trail facilities are to be developed with an emphasis on multi-purpose functionality, cost effectiveness, community stewardship and affordable maintenance. Acquisition of property is based on voluntary participation from land owners.

Background and History:

The Open Space and Trails Program was initiated in 1998 with backing from the public to develop a coordinated open space program to benefit the citizens of the County. Population growth and continuing urbanization have created a need to protect some of the County’s most distinctive landscapes. The growth has also created a need for additional recreational opportunities. The Open Space program is working to develop a network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural open spaces and trails throughout the County.

County voters approved two bond measures in 1998 and 2000, totaling $20 million, to be applied towards the purchase and maintenance of open space and trails throughout the County. These bond elections received overwhelming support from voters. The bonds identified the following areas to be protected through the Open Space and Trails Program:

  • Historic and cultural areas
  • Natural areas
  • Mountains and foothills
  • Arroyos & river parkways
  • Sacred sites
  • Agricultural land
  • Trails
  • Desert habitats
  • Neighborhood parks

All property acquisitions for the Open Space and Trails Program are completely voluntary on the part of the landowner(s) and are based on fair market value of the property. Currently the County holds 19 properties that include approximately 3,385 acres and has received approval for additional acquisition totaling approximately 1,300 acres. These open space lands are combined with approximately 19 parks and recreation properties to form the core of the County’s open space inventory.

Open Space and Trails Contacts:

Mailing Address:

(505)992-9873 /
Open Space and Trails Program
Santa Fe County
PO Box 276
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0276

Colleen Baker, Program Manager,
(505) 992-9868 /

Beth Mills, Community Planner,
(505) 992-9857 /

Allison Moore, Project Manager,
(505) 992-9852 /

Scott Kaseman, Resource Specialist,
(505) 992-9887 /

Charles Gonzales,Maintenance Technician
(505) 992-9897 /

Albert V. Lucero,Maintenance Specialist

(505)992-9897 /