The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee provides professional, independent review and analysis in accordance with the New Mexico Development Fees Act and Santa Fe County Resolution 2013-73 to:

  • Assist the County in adopting land use assumptions;
  • Review the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and file written comments;
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CIP;
  • File annual reports with respect to the progress of CIP and reporting any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing any impact fee;
  • Advise the County of the need to update or revise the land use assumptions, CIP, and any impact fee. 
CIAC Member  Summary of Professional Background   Term Ends 
Barbara Felix Architecture, construction, sustainability and historic preservation   November 9, 2024
Cass Thompson Project management and real estate development, wastewater management and licensed contractor   November 9, 2024
Dan Painter Land use planning and capital improvement planning at municipal governments   November 9, 2024
Dan Pava Comprehensive planning, project management, design review, strategic and facilities planning Term Ends May 11, 2027   May 11, 2024
Leroy Nicholas Pacheco  Professional civil engineer, project manager for CIP projects, traffic engineering services, and development review of private developments Term Ends May 11, 2027   -

2024 Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Meeting Documents

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