In 2023, Santa Fe County Community Services Department rolled out a public awareness campaign to mitigate harms and overdoses related to fentanyl. The first phase of the campaign (“One Pill Can Kill.”) featured public education regarding the lethal effects of even minuscule amounts of fentanyl.  Phase two utilized harm reduction messages targeted at people who uses substances and showcased billboards, bus wraps, and print materials with the message “Never Use Alone.” Phase three, to be deployed on May 1, 2024, continues to highlight the “Never Use Alone” message while addressing the continuous trend of polysubstance use. This phase also includes a link to Santa Fe County opioid and substance-specific resources and support. See link below.

The development of all public awareness campaign materials is overseen and vetted by a group coordinated by the County, that includes stakeholders representing the Santa Fe County Community Services and Fire Department, the New Mexico Department of Health, community members, community agencies, and law enforcement. The “Never Use Alone” campaign seeks to reduce the number of people killed by fentanyl because they are using it alone without access to a community member or family member who is armed with naloxone. “Never Use Alone” is such an important message, that there is a national effort to use this message for people who may be at risk for an overdose. Harm reduction is part of a more extensive approach that seeks to keep a person alive until they can find their way to health and social services, including treatment and recovery.


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