Inmate Mail

Inmate Mail Policy and Procedure

Money Orders:

  • Cash and personal checks not accepted
  • Money orders and cashier’s checks ONLY
  • Money orders and cashier’s checks must contain Inmates Name and ID# (Found in Inmate Lookup)
  • Inmates MUST submit friend and family member information to their designated case worker prior to receiving money orders and/or cashier’s checks.

Denied Mail:

  • ALL mail is inspected and searched for contraband
  • No polaroid Photos
  • No damaged or tampered photos
  • No damaged or tampered Letters
  • No more than 6 photos
  • No Photos larger than 5x7 in.
  • No full/partial nudity or gang affiliated photos and/or propaganda
  • No picture collages (photos must be CUT out of photo sheets)
  • No Drawings in color pencil, markers, Crayola, paint, water colors etc.
  • No Jewelry, trinkets, or loose items (this includes Prayer Rosaries)
  • No news clippings
  • No magazine clippings
  • No calling cards
  • No laminated items
  • No Plastic items of any kind
  • No Colored Construction Paper
  • No Letters written in multi-colored ink (Black or Blue pen and pencil only)
  • No Letters typed in multi-colored toner ink (Black only)
  • No Letters written or typed on multi-colored paper (Blank white or lined paper only)
  • No stationary items such as: stamps, envelopes, or blank paper
  • No stickers, they will be removed and discarded (including address Labels
  • Information and materials which would create a significant threat to the security or order of the facility or to the physical safety of an individual
  • Threats of Blackmail or extortion
  • Plans of sending or receiving contraband
  • Plans of escape
  • Plans of activities in violation of facility regulation order or policy
  • Criminal activity or plans of criminal activity
  • Coded messages that are NOT reasonably decipherable by the reader
  • Graphic presentation of sexual behavior that are in violation of law or material, which advocate or may lead to prohibited sexual activity, to include personal photos showing nudity (Ex. Soft Pornography)
  • Mail received or sent from one correctional facility to another not approved by the Warden
  • Mail received or sent from one inmate to another while housed in the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Facility and not approved by the Warden
  • Any mail received that promotes gang or gang activities, will be submitted to the STIU department for determination of appropriateness or rejection of mail
  • No reading material that has not been approved by the Program Manager
  • Letters, pictures, and envelopes containing: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Glitter, Cologne, or any other unknown substances
  • No Greeting Cards of any kind (except black and white photo copies)
  • No Post Cards of any kind (except black and white photo copies)

Please Send ALL Mail to:

Santa Fe County Adult Correctional Facility (with inmate Full name and ID#XXXXXX)
28 Camino Justicia
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508