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Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office Completes Digitization of Real Estate Records and Launches Self-Service Portal for Instant Document Access

Santa Fe, NM–The Santa Fe County Clerk's Office, led by County Clerk Katharine E. Clark, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the digitization and redaction process for real estate records in Santa Fe County. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in modernizing their operations. Additionally, the office is excited to introduce a new self-service portal that enables constituents to conveniently purchase and instantly download documents using their credit cards.

While the digitization project started in 2004, upon taking office in 2021, Clerk Katharine E. Clark committed to completing the remaining 480,000 unprocessed documents in her first term. With collaboration from the Santa Fe County Board of Commissioners, the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office has now achieved this ambitious goal, ensuring that all Santa Fe County real estate records are digitized, easily accessible, and securely redacted.

The newly launched self-service portal empowers constituents to effortlessly access and purchase real estate documents online. The user-friendly interface allows individuals to search for specific records, preview document images, and select the desired documents for purchase. With the convenience of credit card payments, the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office ensures a seamless and secure transaction process.

"Completing the digitization and redaction of 480,000 real estate records is a significant accomplishment for the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office," said County Clerk Katharine E. Clark. "We are dedicated to providing streamlined services and embracing technological advancements for more accessible government”. Clark emphasized, “the introduction of the self-service portal marks another step toward enhancing accessibility and meeting the needs of our constituents. We are excited to offer this convenient solution to the Santa Fe County community."

The Santa Fe County Clerk's Office encourages constituents, real estate professionals, and legal entities to utilize the new self-service portal for their document needs. The digitization, redaction, and availability of instant downloads exemplify the office's ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for improved services.

For more information and to access the self-service portal, please visit:

About Santa Fe County Clerk's Office:

The Santa Fe County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining and preserving public records, including digitized and redacted real estate documents, marriage licenses, voter registration records, and more. Under County Clerk Katharine E. Clark, the office is dedicated to providing efficient and accessible services to the residents of Santa Fe County, utilizing technology to enhance their operations and meeting the needs of the community.

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