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Santa Fe County

Open Space, Trails and Parks Program


Trail Etiquette

  • Be Courteous to Others - Trails are for the enjoyment of all visitors. Please be courteous and respectful when encountering fellow trail users.
  • Stay on Established Trails - Well-built trails are designed to protect the land from erosion and promote sustainability. When users cut their own trails they promote degradation of the fragile landscape and wildlife habitat.
  • Obey Gate Closures,Regulatory Signs and Respect Private Property
  • Share the Trail 
  • Keep to the right and allow faster users to pass on the left
  • Announce yourself when approaching from behind and passing on the left
  • Cyclist Must Yield to Hikers
  • All Users Must Yield to Horses - When a horse approaches, announce yourself and move off the trail and ask the rider for instructions
  • Dogs Must Be Kept on a Leash
  • Owners Must Clean-up After Dogs - Look for disposal bags and trash cans at trailheads.  Dog excrement spreads disease to other dogs and pollutes groundwater
  • Pack it Out- Take your trash with you when you leave

Plan Ahead Know your limits and abilities, carry gear for changing weather conditions

Ordinance No.2001-1 Rules and Regulations for County Parks, Trails, and Open Space Areas  (PDF)

Properties & Trails

Arroyo Hondo Open Space - The Arroyo Hondo Open Space consists of 87 acres north of the Arroyo Hondo, located approximately 7.5 miles south of downtown Santa Fe. Hiking trails from two trailheads provide access to panoramic view of the Galisteo Basin, Cerrillos Hills, Ortiz Mountains, and the Arroyo Hondo. The Arroyo Hondo Pueblo site and the historic dam can be seen from vista points. The property is open from dawn to dusk.

Burro Lane Park - Burro Lane Park is located at the intersection of Burro Lane and Quail View Lane off of West Alameda near the Siler Bridge and roundabout in Santa Fe.

Burro Lane Park was created to connect to the surrounding environment and provide a natural habitat for birds to forge, nest and live. The park’s walking trail, observation points, and shelters create opportunities to view and enjoy the birds as well as wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. The site has been graded to maximize passive water harvesting allowing plants to receive surface runoff.

The park has picnic facilities, a trail loop, and a parking area with a school bus turnaround.

Cerrillos Hills State Park - Cerrillos Hills State Park is located 15 miles south of Santa Fe on Highway 14  along the scenic Turquoise Trail in the Village of Cerrillos, New Mexico. The 1,098 acre parcel of land is owned by Santa Fe County and managed by New Mexico State Parks. Features include: hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding on five miles of trails with breathtaking views of surrounding mountain ranges. The trailhead is equipped with restrooms, an informational kiosk, and horse trailer parking. Brochure with Map »

El Camino Real Park - The park features a paved parking area for 20 cars at the trailhead, 0.9 miles of paved trail and two pedestrian bridges over the Santa Fe River. The project recreated meanders in the river channel, stabilized the river bed and banks, removed non-native vegetation and tons of trash and debris, and planted native cottonwood trees, willows, shrubs and grasses. Santa Fe County continues to work to restore the river using natural materials and native plants to stabilize the channel and enhance the riparian habitat.

Rio En Medio Open Space - Rio En Medio Open Space is located just past the village of Rio En Medio along State Road 592, approximately 6 miles northeast of the Village of Tesuque. The property consists of 121 acres along Rio En Medio.

The trail follows the stream for about a mile through mixed woodlands to connect with a Forest Service trail and ultimately with Forest Service Road 412 and Pacheco Canyon. Please Note: Parking at the trailhead is limited.

San Ysidro River Park and Trail – the trailhead and Parking for the River Trail is at the San Ysidro Crossing on the Santa Fe River. A trail connects the parking area to Agua Fria Park for 0.7 mile along the river. A River restoration project has been completed along this stretch of the river.

Santa Fe River Greenway - This project is a joint effort between Santa Fe County and the City of Santa Fe to construct approximately 15 miles of a continuous greenway comprised of parks and trails along the Santa Fe River. It runs from downtown Santa Fe to the Wastewater Treatment Plant west of NM599. The County’s portion of the River Greenway is approximately 8 miles running from the City limits at Frenchy’s Field to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The County is restoring the River using natural materials and native plants to stabilize the channel and enhance the riparian habitat. It is also constructing a multi-use trail for recreational and alternative transportation use.

The Santa Fe Rail Trail - The Santa Fe Rail Trail follows the historic Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway line from the City of Santa Fe to Lamy. The trail starts in the Railyard Park and continues along the train tracks to Highway 285 and then to Lamy for a total of 18.1 miles. The Santa Fe Southern Railway train conducts scenic tours from the Santa Fe Railyard Park to Lamy and runs along the County’s portion of the trail. The Rail Runner does not run along this portion of the trail. The portion under the management of Santa Fe County runs from the I-25 overpass near Rabbit Road south to Highway 285. The County's portion of the trail approximately 12.5 miles. Trail Map »

Other Properties

  • Canada Ancha Trail
  • Edgewood Open Space
  • El Penasco Blanco
  • El Rancho
  • La Piedra Trail Connection
  • Lamy Open Space
  • Little Tesuque Creek
  • Los Potreros Open Space
  • Madrid Open Space
  • Old Pecos Trail Open Space
  • Ortiz Mountain Preserve
  • Rio En Medio Open Space
  • South Meadows Open Space
  • Spur Trail
  • Talaya Hill Open Space
  • Thorton Ranch

(The Santa Fe Rail Trail)


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