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Homeowner Information

Alarm System Installed/Serviced Information

List individual and/or company

List names and phone numbers of two (2) persons who are able to and have agreed to:

  • Receive notification of activation of the alarm at any time.
  • Come to the alarm site within forty-five minutes after receiving a request from a member of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department to do so.
  • To grant access to the alarm site and to deactivate the alarm system if such becomes necessary.

Alarm Notification:

Robbery Notification:


Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email for the Alarm Application/Permit.
A print copy of this email and payment receipt to serve as proof of an authorized alarm system.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please call 505-986-2400 for assistance.

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Permit fee: $25.00

After Submit is selected, you will be routed to the Santa Fe County One Time Payment Portal to enter your payment information and will receive a confirmation of payment by email.