Sheriff Adan Mendoza
505 986-2455 

Undersheriff Ken Johnson

505 986-2455


Major Gabriel Gonzales

505 986-2455


Captain Michael Delgado

505 986-2455


Captain Jose Rodruiguez

505 986-2455      


Executive Assistant

Rosa Vigil

505 986-2428                  


Administrative Assistant,

Andrea Cordova

505 986-2455

 Fran Dunaway

Accountant Senior, Clarissa Garcia

505 986-2444




Public Relations/Media Coordinator
Denise Womack-Avila


Criminal Investigations Division  
505 986-2490


Lt. Brian Brandle
505 986-2490

Sgt. Ernest Alderete
505 986-2490

Cpl. Samantha Talamante


Detective Roy Arndt-Trujillo

Detective Jonathan Jaramillo

Detective Alexandra Hancock

Detective Leonard Martinez

Detective Orlando Lopez

Detective Manuel Segura

Detective Ian Burr

Detective Joel Cano

Fax: 505-474-4735

Secretary Senior

Katherine Martinez
505 986-2490

Warrants Division  


Agent Joe Vigil
Agent Jose D Lujan

Secretary Senior
Martha Valdez
505 986-2491

Records Division  
505 986-2400  
Fax: 505 986-2482

Jennifer Muñoz, Supervisor
Custodian of Records, NCIC Terminal Agency Coordinator
35 Camino Justicia
Santa Fe, NM 87508

505 986-2400

Submit discovery requests:

Submit background check requests


As per House Bill 232, a request for the release of video or audio shall specify at least one of the following:

  1. The computer-aided dispatch record number;
  2. The police report number;
  3. The date or date range with reasonable specificity and at least one of the following:
    • The  name of a law enforcement officer or first responder;
    • The approximate time; or
    • The approximate location; or
  4. Other criteria established and published by a law enforcement agency to facilitate access to videos.

Athena Martinez
Legal and Public Records Administrator
The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office
35 Camino Justicia
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Patrol Division/Team Offices

Team A– Day Shift Commander - Lt. Robert Garcia
Team C– Graveyard Shift Commander- Lt. Michael Martinez

Animal Services

Officer Thomas Wells
505 992-1626

Animal Services Officers

Officer Ramon Sedillo
Officer Stetson Christopherson
Officer Isaiah Segura
Officer Adrianna Ulibarri
Officer David Brown-Ruiz
Officer VACANT

Kaitlyn Maes
505 992-1626

Animal Services
505 428-3720 / Fax:505 424-1230


Crime Scene Technician

Marissa Poppell

505 986-2477

Evidence Specialist/Crime Scene Technician
Chika Uloma
505 986-2450

Property Quartermaster
Miranda Gonzales
505 986-2422

 Community Support Services, Training, Recruiting and Courts


Lt. Carolina Brandle 505 986-2400

Administrative Assistant
Abrianna Hicks
505 986-2402

Training and Recruiting Supervisor

Sgt. Oliver McCartney

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Specialist
Ray Romero
505 986-2466

Court and Civil Services

Supervising Commanders

Lt. Carolina Brandle

Sgt. Oliver McCartney

Cpl. Shannon Coles

Cpl. Johnathen War

Secretary Senior
Yvonne Gonzales
505 986-2441
Fax: 505 986-2443

Civil Division Administrative Assistant
Michelle Plummer

Fax: 505-986-2473

Regional Emergency Communication Center (RECC-911)


Roberto Lujan
505 992-3096

Emergency Calls:  DIAL - 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 505 428-3720
Toll Free Non-Emergency Dispatch: 1 800 742-1144
Fax: 505 428-3735