Purpose and Intent 

The Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC), including all amendments to the SLDC, are intended to implement and be consistent with the goals, objectives, policies, and strategies of the Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP) through comprehensive, concurrent, consistent, integrated, effective, time limited and concise land development approvals. The SLDC is designed to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the present and future residents of the County. The SLDC is a police power, public nuisance, environmental and land use regulation designed to establish separate land use, growth management, environmental, fiscal, adequate public facility, transportation, stormwater management, emergency service and preparedness, health and safety standards. The SLDC is designed to specifically provide protection of environmental, cultural, historical and archeological resources, lessening of air and water pollution, assurance and conservation of water resources, prevention of adverse climate change, promotion of sustainability, green development, and to provide standards to protect from adverse public nuisance or land use effects and impacts resulting from public or private development within the County.


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