Please review the "How To" instructions below before using the Interactive Zoning Map located at the bottom of the page.

Explore the Map by using the tools at Top Right:

Search for your Property

You can search for a property using any of the following:

Owner name (Example):SMITH, JOHN

Address (Example):102 GRANT AVE

Parcel (Tax Account) Number (Example):910017952

You can find your Parcel (Tax Account) Number at the top of your notification letter, right above your name and address.

Enter your name and address exactly as it is shown on your notification letter for successful searching.

When the search finds your property, a popup of your Parcel information will appear. In order to view your zoning classification. Please click in your outlined property and follow instructions below to navigate the popup.

You will be prompted to move through the popups by using the arrow pointed out (Shown below in red



Access the Interactive Zoning Map »

Download the Interactive Zoning Map Legend »

Adoption Draft Zoning Map »

If the zoning map identifies your property to be in a community district you can read the community plans and ordinances here.