The County has funding available for the repair or replacement of roofs which have severe problems which threaten the health and safety of residents. Assistance is in the form of a zero percent interest loan which is non-amortizing and forgiven after ten years. The loan amount is up to $14,999 and is secured by a note and mortgage.

Applicants are required to complete the attached application and certification. County staff reviews the information to determine if the applicant is income eligible. Individual must be low income, as established by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority and the Department of Housing and Urban development.

Upon receipt of a complete application, verification of income eligibility and other program requirements, County staff visits the property and performs a roof inspection to determine the severity of roof failure and the severity of threat to the residents. If the condition of the roof justifies repair or replacement under program requirements, County staff prepares a scope of work and solicits bids from qualified contractors, one of which will be selected to perform the work.

Although the County is responsible for paying the contractor, it is the homeowner who enters into the contract with the contractor. County staff verifies that the contracted work has been performed and final payment is made, provided that all State Construction Industries Division approvals have been granted.

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Affordable Housing Program Staff

Deputy Community Development Director
Denise Benavidez
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