Recycling helps the planet and can even save you money! It is free to drop off household recycling, like plastic bottles, cardboard, glass, and aluminum, at any County convenience center.

Materials Accepted for Recycling by Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County provides places to drop off mixed recyclables, glass, automotive fluids, tires, green waste, and scrap metal. Permit fees apply to drop off green waste and tires. Click on the orange links below for locations and guidelines for each material.

Mixed Recyclables (click to expand or collapse menu item)
metal cans, rigid plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, paper

bottles and jars

Automotive Fluids 
oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid 

passenger vehicle tires without rims - permit fees apply 

Green Waste
brush, tree trimmings - permit fees apply 

Scrap Metal
metals and certain kinds of appliances

Recycling Tips

  • Know what goes where. Recycling guidelines vary by location depending on the equipment that is available. The City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County follow the same recycling guidelines. Check the list above to learn what is accepted for recycling in the County. Contamination in recycling bins can impact worker safety, damage equipment, and result in material being sent to the landfill. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Check the size. Items smaller than a post card cannot be handled by the recycling facility and should be composted or landfilled. Shredded paper may be placed in a clear plastic bag for recycling.
  • Clean it out. Make sure recyclables are empty, clean, and dry.
  • Do not bag recyclables, except for shredded paper. Place recyclables loose in the appropriate container. The only exception is for shredded paper, which should be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Recycling Required at County Convenience Centers

Santa Fe County has made recycling mandatory at convenience centers. Any person placing recyclables in waste bins will be issued a warning or citation. If found guilty, the criminal penalty shall be a minimum of $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense, and $75 for the third offense.

Additional Recycling Resources
Click the orange links below for more recycling information.

  • Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency (SFSWMA) operates the Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station (BuRRT). This facility accepts recycling and trash from County residents. Accepted materials include household hazardous waste, appliances, electronic waste, green waste, scrap metal, tires, glass, and mixed recyclables. Fees apply to certain materials. Visit the SFSWMA website or call (505) 820-0208 for details.
  • Santa Fe County Recycling Flyer is available in English and Spanish for a quick reminder of what is accepted in the mixed recycling bin at County convenience centers.
  • City of Santa Fe Recycle Coach allows you to search for recycling instructions by item. City and County residents follow the same guidelines for mixed recyclables that are collected curbside by the City or in the mixed recycling bins at County convenience centers. Not sure if you can recycle that yogurt container or milk carton? Ask the Recycle Coach!

Can’t find the material you wish to recycle?

Click here for other recycling locations. Recycling processes and guidelines change frequently depending on available markets. Always contact the organizations for hours of operations and to confirm their recycling guidelines have not changed.