The Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership Program offers eligible individuals or families the opportunity to own their own home. Instead of making monthly payments to a landlord, the family will make their own mortgage payment and Santa Fe County Housing Authority will make mortgage assistance payments to the lender. As with any other program there are requirements which must be met.

To be eligible to participate in this exciting program the family or individual must:

  • Currently receive Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance
  • Have maintained their voucher rental assistance for a minimum of one-year
  • Be enrolled in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program
  • Meet the HUD definition of “first-time homebuyer”
  • Enter into a Statement of Homeowner Obligations
  • Attend and successfully complete homeownership counseling classes
  • Provide the required down payment of at least 3% of the purchase price, of which a minimum of $500.00 must be paid from the individual’s or family’s personal resources.
  • Must be employed on a full-time basis (except in the case of elderly or disabled families). Full-time is defined as not less than 30 hours per week.
  • Elderly/disabled individuals or families may qualify depending on the amount of monthly Social Security or SSI payments.