The Housing Authority currently manages 241 Housing Choice Vouchers (previously called the Section 8 Program). The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists qualifying families with rental assistance in the private market within Santa Fe County. Once a family comes up on the waiting list and the Housing Authority determines that the family still qualifies for assistance, the family will be issued a “Voucher”. The Voucher allows the family to seek and secure a housing unit that is inspected by Housing Authority staff to ensure that it is decent, safe, and sanitary and to also ensure the unit meets the family’s needs. Once the unit is approved, the family enters into a lease agreement with the landlord, and the Housing Authority enters into a Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract with the landlord. The Housing Authority is accepting applications; however, there is a wait list for this program.

For more information regarding this program can visit Housing Urban Development (HUD)

Cooperative Agreement Between Santa Fe County Housing Authority and the Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority

Administrative Plan for the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Amendment #1

Amendment #2