Water Resources Plan

Five-Year Water Resource Planning Cycle

City of Santa Fe Water (City) and the Santa Fe County Utilities Division (County) are initiating a science-based, community informed, five year planning cycle to develop long range water resource management plans. The first cycle, which begins this year and is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2024, will be evaluated, refined, and repeated every 10 years or as necessary in future years. A key product of the planning process will be Long Range Water Resources Plans for the City and County.

Planning Cycle Overview

  • 2020: Defining the process.
  • 2021: Define water supply and demand scenarios out to 2100.
  • 2022: Identify supply shortages associated with these scenarios. Develop adaptation strategies.
  • 2023 Evaluate and rank adaptation strategies.
  • 2024: Publish Long Range Water Resources Plans.