Get Involved!

From attending special events to participating in community clean-ups, there are lots of ways you can support County sustainability initiatives!

Adopt a Road

Join the Adopt-a-Road program to help keep Santa Fe beautiful!

The Adopt-a-Road program helps to save tax payer dollars, build community pride, and protect the environment. Participants select a County road to adopt and pick up litter along that road at least twice per year. Volunteers include young adult organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, families, individuals, and more!

How to adopt a road

  1. Click here to view the Adopt-a-Road map and find a County road that you would like to adopt.

  2. Contact Nav Khalsa, Volunteer Coordinator, at, (505) 992-9894 to sign up for the Adopt-a-Road program. Adopters will need to complete two forms: 1) an information form describing the road you would like to adopt; and 2) a hold harmless agreement that addresses the legal and safety concerns of roadside work. Once you have signed up, we will provide you with free clean up supplies, including trash bags, gloves, and safety vests. We can even place signage along your segment of road that recognizes your participation in the program!

  3. Commit to picking up litter along your adopted road at least twice per year. Share your progress and photos with us at


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Nav Khalsa
Volunteer Coordinator
(505) 992-9894