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Did you know over 50% of the greenhouse gases emitted in Santa Fe County come from on-road transportation? In addition to contributing to climate change, vehicle emissions are detrimental to our health. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of people around the world are exposed to dangerously high levels of pollutants that lead to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, much of which comes from transportation sources. Whether it is carpooling, riding the bus, or buying an electric vehicle, everyone can have a big impact by taking the clean commute that works for them!

Announcement: Santa Fe County Receives Over $3 Million to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure

On January 11th, Santa Fe County was awarded funding to expand EV charging stations across the County through the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program! This EV charging investment will expand the County's charging network of DC fast chargers and level 2 charging stations with 33 total chargers installed throughout 13 sites. The $3.3 million in funding was allocated as part of a national grant program totaling $623 million led by the Biden-Harris administration to build out a convenient, affordable, reliable, and made-in-America national network of EV chargers.

This major announcement was presented to New Mexico by the Nation’s Top Highway Official, Shailen Bhatt, alongside Governor Grisham and NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Ricky Serna.  The grant marks the initial step in addressing gaps within the national charging and alternative-fueling network, particularly focusing on expanding EV charging accessibility in rural and underprivileged communities. Pascual Maestas, Mayor of the town of Taos, Santa Fe County Commissioner Camilla Bustamante, and many other leaders throughout the State spoke on the importance of developing local EV charging infrastructure to encourage sustainable travel and reduce range anxiety.

On completion, the new EV charging infrastructure will help alleviate range anxiety for both residents and visitors, and support economic development for local shops, restaurants, and cultural sites. Several EV charging installations will accommodate a transition to EV fleet vehicles by Santa Fe County and the Sheriff’s Department. The emissions reduction from the transportation sector will be significant as more residents and tourists transition to EVs.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly gaining popularity and will soon become the norm for passenger vehicles. Many EVs have a lower total cost of ownership than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, due to their low maintenance costs. Here are some resources to help you make the switch:

  • EVs 101: Learn about the cost, range, different types of charging stations, and environmental impacts of electric vehicles.
  • MIT’s Carbon Counter tool: Compare the environmental and monetary costs associated with different types of vehicles on the market today, including gas-powered, hybrid, and fully electric options.
  • Map of charging stations: Worried about the range of EVs? Charging stations are more widespread than you may realize, and more are being built every day.
  • Find an EV that meets your needs: Ready to make the switch? PlugStar maintains a list of all-electric and plug-in hybrid EVs, and allows you to easily compare features between models, including driving range. Their shopping assistant feature will help match you to the right kind of EV based on your driving habits.


A daily commute from Albuquerque to Santa Fe can range from $4,000-$13,000 per year (factoring in wear-and-tear on a vehicle). Even an in-town commute can cost up to $1,000 per year. Cut that cost in half by setting up a carpool with just one person. There are many apps available to assist people with setting up carpooling, some of which can be connected with social media to allow people to vet the potential carpooling partner before setting up the shared ride.


Bicycling can contribute to a healthier and more active you while cutting down on emissions and congestions. Need help getting started? Check out the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2021 Bikeways & Trails Map to help plan your ride. Free Bikes 4 Kidz New Mexico donates gently used bikes to kids through a network of community partners. To receive a free bike for your child, check to see if your child’s school, health clinic, community center, or church participates in the program.

Bus or Train

Between the RTD Blue Bus, NMDOT Park and Ride, Santa Fe Trails, and Rail Runner, creating a bus or train commute in Santa Fe County is fairly easy. All of these buses have bicycle racks, and each rail car can hold up to 8 bicycles, so consider combining a bicycle commute with your bus or train commute.


New Mexico Vanpools will provide you with a 15-passenger van for a fee. If you are able to get enough people to participate, the cost of commuting will be substantially lower than the fee. This is a great, cost effective alternative for your daily commute. You can enjoy the convenience of sharing a ride to work with others together in a friendly environment. You'll arrive at work safe, on time and relaxed. But the benefits don't stop there. By vanpooling you can begin to use your commute time productively to catch up on your work, your sleep or the latest best seller.

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Jacqueline Beam
Sustainability Manager