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Santa Fe County

Fire Department

Glorieta Pass Volunteer Fire District

The Glorieta Pass Fire District is situated in the east central portion of Santa Fe County and is responsible for providing fire and emergency medical services to the communities of San Miguel County; Pecos, Rowe, Ilfield, San Jose, San Juan and the Upper Pecos Canyon out a station located at #43 Firestation Rd. in the Village of Glorieta. Glorieta Pass Fire District serves approximately 1200 full time residents as well as up to 3000 annual guests visiting the Glorieta Conference Center and assists and receives aid from other agencies including, NM State Forestry, US Forest Service as well as several other Santa Fe County Districts.

The main station, built solely by the volunteers, is expected to change to a substation with the expectation of a new main station built in the center of the district. The district has a long history of mutual aid to the neighbors in San Miguel County and is proud to continue helping mitigate emergencies in the overall larger community.



Contact Information

District Chief: David Hamilton
District Phone: 505-757-6800
District Fax: 505-757-2488

Please keep in mind, these are volunteer departments, and there may not be anyone there to answer your call. Leave a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Rating for the Glorieta Pass Volunteer Fire District (4/4Y):

ISO collects information (such as nearest water supply, fire station, station staffing, number of personnel, number and type of fire trucks, pumping capacity, emergency communications, etc.) on municipal fire-protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. Based on the information a numerical rating is given to the area which is used by insurance companies to determine premiums.

Split Classifications:
When a district has a split classification, such as 5/9, the first number is the class that applies to properties within 5 road miles of the responding fire station and 1,000 feet of a creditable water supply (fire hydrant, suction point, or dry hydrant). The second number is the class that applies to properties within 5 road miles of a fire station but beyond 1,000 feet of a credible water supply.

New Classifications (effective July 1, 2014):
There are two new classifications that may appear with the number classifications ‘X’ and ‘Y’ (formerly the ‘9’ and ‘8B’ portion of the split classification, ie: 6/8B). Please note: Communities graded with a single ‘9’ or ‘8B’ classification will remain intact.

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