The Agua Fria Fire District is situated in west central Santa Fe County and is responsible for providing fire and emergency medical services to the communities of Agua Fria, Las Campanas, La Tierra and Fin del Sendero. Its two stations are located at #58 SFC Rd. 62 and #3 Arroyo Calabasas Rd. Agua Fria District continues to grow with many residences in the Las Campanas area in excess of 5000 sq. ft. The district assists and receives aid from other agencies including the City of Santa Fe, US Forest Service, NM State Forestry and the other Santa Fe County Districts.

In late summer of 1991 a group of eight residents formed the Agua Fria Fire & Rescue Department. They operated the first year with no funding or equipment other than donations. SFFD Chief Frank DiLuzio gave Agua Fria a 1974 American LaFrance fire truck. In September 1992 the Charter was passed for the Agua Fria Fire District. The first year calls of 638 grew in just four years to 838 runs. Today the Agua Fria District call volume averages almost 1000 calls a year. Santa Fe County gave land off of County road 62 for the construction of the main station. In 1996 land was donated in the Las Campanas area for a sub-station and the La Tierra substation was constructed. Approximately 25% of the calls are out of the sub-station area.


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Contact Information

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District Fax:505-471-5026

Please keep in mind, some Fire District Stations are not staffed full time, and there may not be anyone there to answer your call. Please leave a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible. If there is an emergency dial 9-1-1.


Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Rating for the Agua Fria Volunteer Fire District (5/10):

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