Located in the central portion of Santa Fe County the Galisteo Fire District is responsible for providing fire and emergency medical services to the communities of Galisteo and Ranchitos out of one fire station, located at #39 Avenida Vieja. The District Station houses five response vehicles and is one of the County’s smaller Districts. With a lot of community support, hard work, determination, improvements in our local community water system, construction of a new addition to our existing station in 2019, many hours of training and certification of our members, our new ISO rating improved to a 5/5Y. The district assists and receives aid from other agencies including the City of Santa Fe, Bureau of Land Management, NM State Forestry, US Forest Service, Bernalillo County Fire Department, Torrance County Fire Department and San Miguel County Fire Department, as well as other Santa Fe County Districts.

The Galisteo Fire & Rescue District was established in 1992 and is one of the four districts in the Eastern Region. Over the 31 years, with help from Santa Fe County, dedicated volunteers and community support, we have continued to improve our response capabilities by adding an F550 Mini Pumper to our fleet, and in 2022, with a New Mexico State Fire Grant, we replaced our 1998 Water Tender .

The Fire District began with an ISO rating of 9/10 and after many years of hard work the ISO rating in the village is currently at 5/5Y. We currently have 18 members, 6 firefighters, 2 EMT-B, one firefighter in training, and 10 support members. We also have volunteers trained to respond to wildland, swift water, and extrication incidents. Our support members are vital to the operation of our District. They assist with administrative duties, station and apparatus maintenance, landscaping, as well as community outreach and events. 


Galisteo1.jpg District Chief Moya has been in the Fire Service for 31 years. Currently she is the District Chief and a founding member of the Galisteo Fire District which was established in 1992. Jean has held the office of District Chief since 2004. In 2008 she was elected as vice president of the Santa Fe County Chief's Association. She was elected as president in 2010, serving in that role until 2021. In 2000 Jean was hired as a PRN with SFCFD, during our transition from a volunteer fire department to a combination career/volunteer department. Being a PRN for 8 years gave Jean the opportunity to enhance her EMS and Firefighter skills while also working through Santa Fe County. "During this time, I was fortunate to meet and work with many of the dedicated volunteers and career staff, while experencing first hand the challenges that each district faces. I will continue to help SFCFD move forward to provide the citizens and visitors of Santa Fe County with safe,caring and professional service."


Contact Information

District Chief: Jean Moya
District Phone:505-466-0396
District Fax:505-466-3658

Please keep in mind, some Fire District Stations are not staffed full time, and there may not be anyone there to answer your call. Please leave a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible. If there is an emergency dial 9-1-1.


Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating for the Galisteo Volunteer Fire District (5/5Y):

For more information on ISO Ratings please visit:https://www.santafecountynm.gov/media/files/Fire/PDF/ISO%20Info.pdf