Santa Fe County has authority to require businesses in the County (outside of the incorporated areas of the cities of Santa Fe, Edgewood and Espanola) to obtain a license to conduct business. That authority is granted through Santa Fe County Ordinance 1992-3as amended by Ordinance 2009-3and Ordinance 2013-4.  The Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC) describes the requirements to obtain a Business License for a home occupation. Depending upon the nature of the work and the number of employees, home occupation businesses are categorized as No Impact, Low Impact, and Medium Impact. The table below of the SLDC, that summarizes the requirements of each category, is duplicated here for convenience


 No ImpactLow ImpactMedium Impact
Permit TypeBusiness RegistrationDevelopment PermitConditional Use Permit
Non-Resident Empoyees (max)135
Area used for business (max)25% of heated square footage35% of heated square footage50% of heated square footage
Accessory Building Storage100 SF600 SF1,500 SF
Appointments/Patron Visits (max/day)0412
Business Trafficnonesee Section 10.6.5See Section 10.6.5
Signagenot permittedSee Section 7.9.10See Section 7.9.10
Parking and AccessResident and Employee onlysee Section 10.6.5see Section 10.6.5
Heavy EquipmentNoneUp to 23-6


The submittal requirements vary for each of these categories of Home Occupation licenses. Those requirements are detailed in the following application packets:

·         No Impact Home Occupation Application Packet

·         Low Impact Occupation Application Packet

·         Conditional Use Application Packet (for Medium Impact Home Occupations)


Each of the applications require a detailed letter of intent that describes the business and includes the types of materials involved, the number of employees and the number of client appointments per day.

Businesses require an inspection by Fire Prevention Specialists before the commencement of operations. Depending upon the type of occupancy, certain businesses will require an annual Fire Prevention inspection.

Call or visit the Building and Development Services Division at 505-986-6225 and 102 Grant Avenue in Santa Fe to speak with a Development Review Specialist to get started on your project.