Case #2024003132 // Warrant Arrest - 6/20/2024

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Deputy Assigned: D. Martinez

Commander Entering: Cpl. A. Hancock

Location: Avenida Aldea

Arrested: David Hernandez (42 YO) 

Deputies were dispatched to the location for a male sleeping in the entry area. Male was identified and found to have a warrant for a probation violation on the original charge of breaking and entering and was booked at the detention center. 

Case #2024003130 // Aggravated DUI - 6/19/2024

Deputy Assigned: B. Wilson

Commander Entering: Cpl. A. Hancock

Location: Avenida Aldea 

Arrested: Bryan Dominguez (26 YO)

Deputies were dispatched to the location in reference to a vehicle in the parking lot that wasn't supposed to be there. Deputies made contact with the driver who admitted to drinking prior to driving, and also had the intention of driving home. Driver agreed to SFST's and showed signs of impairment, but refused a breath test. He was charged accordingly. 

Case# 2024003125 Unattended Death 06-19-24

Assigned: C. Lattin

Entering: Sgt E.Webb Jr, 

Location: Pueblo Garcia Rd.

Deceased: 28 yoa male

Deputies were dispatched to a possibe overdose at the location; Upon arrival the subject was found deceased. The death appeared to be related to substance abuse issues as there was illegal substances located in close proximity to the deceased. OMI took possession of the subject and the subject will undergo an autopsy. No foul play is suspected at this time. 

case # 2024003123- Adult CSP- 6/19/2024

Deputy assigned: C. Podolak

Commander entering: Cpl Talamante

Location: 28 Camino Justicia (ADC) 

The victim who is an inmate at Santa Fe ADC,  reported that on 6/18 he was knocked unconscious from being hit in the head with a cordless phone. The victim alleged when he woke up he had different boxers and believed he was sexually assaulted. He was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital for evaluation. Further follow-up is needed at this time. 

Case #2024003124 / Warrant Service / 06/19/2024

Deputy Assigned: C. Cullison

Commander Entering: Sgt. V. Baca

Location: NM-14 / Kachina Road

Arrested: David Rahr (44 YOM)

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on the subject due to a traffic infraction.  A check was performed by Santa Fe RECC and it was discovered the subject had an active arrest warrant.  He was subsequently placed under arrest and transported to the Santa Fe Adult Detention Facility.

Case #2024003118 / Burglary - Criminal Damage / 06/19/2024

Deputy Assigned: J. Corley

Commander Assigned: Sgt. V. Baca

Location: Sacred Heart Church

Stolen / Damaged: $1,000.00 in property

Deputies responded to a call for service in reference to criminal damage to property.  The suspect(s) broke a stain glass window on the front door and gained entry to the church building.  Staff is currently identiying what items were taken at this time.

2024003112 Warrant Arrest

Commander: Sergeant Ernest Alderete

Agents:  Joe Vigil and JD Lujan

Offence: Warrant Arrest

Suspects: John Hanley,50YOM, Santa Fe, NM

Location:Gilmore st

Suspect had an outstanding warrant and was located on Gilmore St

2024003077,2024003078 Warrant Arrest

Commander: Sergeant Ernest Alderete

Agents:  Joe Vigil and JD Lujan

Offence: Warrant Arrest

Suspects: Christian Rimero, 47 YOM, Santa Fe, NM

Elijah Salazar, 42 YOM, Santa Fe,NM

Location:28 Camino Justicia

Suspects were already in custody at ADC and a arrest warrant was served.

Case 2024003073-DWI-Careless

Assigned-Cpl. G. Nieto

Entering Cpl. G. Nieto

US 84-285/MM 171

Arrested-Izael Holguin 20yom (Sanata Fe, NM)

Deputies responded to crash and driver fled the area. Driver was located and SFST's were administered. Driver was arrested and booked into ADC with out incident

Case#2024003061/Shoplifting, Warrant Service, Concealing ID, and Criminal Trespass/6-17-24

Assigned: J Thomas

Entering: Sgt. C Valencia

Location Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM

Arrested: Jose Gallegos, 43YOM, Santa Fe, NM

Deputies on patrol were contacted by a citizen who informed the Deputy that a male was pushing a Home Depot cart with items he had shoplifted from the retail store.  A Deputy made contact with the individual to gather information on the items in the cart.  The individual provided the Deputy with a false name and then finally provided his real name.  It was determined he concealed his identity to cover an active warrant for his arrest.  The individual later admitted to shoplifting the items from Home Depot and was placed under arrest and transported to Santa Fe County Adult Detention Facility