Volunteer Fire Information and Districts

How to Sign Up as a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering with the Santa Fe County Fire Department and would like more information, contact Captain Mike Jaffa at 505-992-3087 or by e-mail at [bot protected email address].

Volunteer Program Opportunities

We currently have 2 methods of volunteering depending on your circumstances and area of residence.

1) District Volunteers:

Generally reside or work within the boundaries of one of our 14 fire districts which allows them to respond from their residence or workplace to the fire station when an emergency call is received. There are no qualifications required to begin participating in this manner and training can be obtained via the Santa Fe County Fire Department Volunteer Academy, once you become a member.

2) Regional Volunteers:

This program is for individuals who live outside the boundaries of our districts (within city limits or in another county). These volunteers must attend the Santa Fe County Fire Department Volunteer Fire Academy prior to working in the field as a volunteer. Once the academy is complete, they work 12 hour shifts (7:00am to 7:00pm whenever they wish) along side the paid staff. Minimum requirements for this level of membership are:

  • Successfully pass a Firefighter Civil Service Exam - 100 questions, multiple choice;
  • Successfully complete the Physical Agility Test - timed step test & modified combat challenge;
  • Successfull completion of the Santa Fe County Volunteer Fire Academy which consists of the following courses:
    • SFCFD Orientation - 12 hours
    • Firefighter 1st Aid / CPR - 12 hours
    • Hazmat Awareness & Operations - 40 hours
    • Wildland Fire Behavior S130/190 - 32 hours
    • Firefighter 1 - 80 hours