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The Edgewood Fire District is situated in the south west corner of Santa Fe County and is responsible for providing fire and emergency medical services to the communities of Edgewood, Golden, Cedar Grove, and San Pedro out of four fire stations located at 1 Municipal Way; #650 Hwy 344 in Cedar Grove; #02 Oro Quay in San Pedro and #18 Dinkle Rd. The District is also home to the Southern Region paid paramedic crew (Med 70). As a growing community the district assists and receives aid from other agencies including, Sandoval County Fire Department, Bernalillo County Fire Department, Torrance County Fire Department, the Cities of Morarity, Estancia, and Willard as well as several other Santa Fe County Districts.

The Edgewood Fire Department was organized in 1964 with ten volunteers, only hand equipment such as shovels, rakes, and gunnysacks to fight grass fires. The Fire District had undetermined boundaries and a population of approximately 1,500 residents. In 1965, the Department acquired a 1950s model fire engine from the city of Deming and a small two-bay building that served as its station. The building was later expanded into the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department main station. About a year later a surplus army truck was converted into a tanker and put into service.

Over the next thirty years the department built a new main station, three substations, and added fourteen modern pieces of fire and rescue apparatus. In the 1980s, an ambulance was added and the name of the department was changed to the Edgewood Fire and Ambulance Service. In the 1990s the department was covering 112 square miles and had forty volunteers. A new 228,000 sq. foot Walmart was recently built in the city of Edgewood.


DC Sean Glackman District Chief Glackman joined the Edgewood Fire district in the mid 1990's as a junior member where he stayed for several years before leaving the department. Later rejoining the Santa Fe County Stanley Fire District in 2006 where he attended the volunteer fire academy. District Chief Glackman quickly rose through the ranks from Lieutenant to Assistant District Chief in the Stanely District. In 2018 District Chief Glackman moved from Stanley to the Edgewood District. DC Glacman was appointed the district chief position in 2019. DC Glackman is a 4th generation firefighter and currently works full-time for the New Mexico Department of Transportation as an Engineering Technician with the concrete design lab. DC Glackman enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. 



Contact Information

District Chief: Sean Glackman
Department Phone: 505-281-4697
Department Fax:  505-281-0325

Please keep in mind, these are volunteer departments, and there may not be anyone there to answer your call. Leave a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible. In case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.


Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Rating for the Edgewood Volunteer Fire District (5/10):

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