Santa Fe County is undergoing a planning process with the San Marcos Community District via the San Marcos Planning Committee. To view the District boundaries, the Planning Process archive, and the Adopted 2019 San Marcos Community District Plan, see below. 

The San Marcos Planning Committee is open at all times to anyone who wants to participate. For more information about how to join the Committee and the Overlay Adoption Process, please contact Nate Crail, Community Planner at 


2023 San Marcos Community Meetings

WebEx Meeting Information will be posted here soon.


Planning Process Archive

View previous meetings' agendas, summaries, and resources by clicking here.


The 2019 Plan

View the Adopted 2019 San Marcos Community District Plan by clicking the image below or clicking here.


 To view the Adopted Plan, click the image above or click here 


Community District Boundaries


Previous Plans

2015 San Marcos Update

2006 San Marcos District Plan