The Santa Fe County Contracts Section allows users to view all Santa Fe County Contracts. Contracts are organized by Division, Item, Contractor, Purpose, Contract Number, Start Date and Expiration Date and can be sorted by Start Date, Division and Contractor. Users can also use the search feature to search key terms.

Santa Fe County manually loads contracts into the contract section as downloadable PDF documents, so if a contract is not currently located on the Sunshine Section, please contact the Santa Fe County Legal Division at (505) 986-6279. Please note, the database was created in 2009, therefore contracts executed prior to 2009 may not be on the database. 

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Division: Public Works
Item: Canoncito-Eldorado Water Transmission Line Sole Source
Contractor: MolzenCorbin
Purpose: The subject Design Services Agreement No. 2019-0007-PW/KE was awarded to MolzenCorbin in July 2019 to provide design services for three Project Phases of the Canoncito-Eldorado Water Transmission Line Project. The agreement involved eight (8) Amendments increasing compensation payable to the Contractor and extending the term of the agreement to July 31, 2023. July 31, 2023 extended to maximum 4-year term for professional services contracts, and would not be extended again pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-150, Multi-term contract; specified period. The completion of these design services at the time of the contract expiration were verbally authorized by the Public Works Department, and a pay application was submitted by the Engineer of Record, MolzenCorbin for design services provided without a valid contract in place. The attached list of design services (attachment A) was provided by the Engineer of Record. The County benefited from the design services provided and the Engineer incurred cost for providing the services.
Contract Number: 019-0007-PW/KE
Start Date: 6/4/2024
Division: LAND USE
Item: TEST Release of Affordable Mortgage Nicole Duran
Contractor: TEST Nicole Duran
Purpose: Fully Executed Release of Affordable Mortgage Nicole Duran
Contract Number: 2019-0062-GM-DD
Start Date: 5/16/2024
Division: Corrections
Item: TEST - Agreement For Inmate Confinement Between The County of Santa Fe County and Los Alamos County
Contractor: Los Alamos County
Purpose: The Contractor is in need of a facility for the incarceration, care, and maintenance of persons charged with or arrested for a crime in the Contractor’s County who are either in need of housing while being conveyed or awaiting conveyance to the jail of the Contractor’s County or in imminent danger house in the Contractor’s facility.
Contract Number: TEST 2013-0037-CORR/SS
Start Date: 5/10/2024
Item: Test 123
Contractor: test FSC
Purpose: mkansldns
Contract Number: Test 2021-0022
Start Date: 5/2/2024
Division: LAND USE
Item: Release of Affordable Mortgage Nicole Duran
Contractor: Nicole Duran
Purpose: Release of Affordable Mortgage
Contract Number: 2019-0062-GM-DD
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Division: FIRE
Item: Amendment No. 1 CBA Consulting
Contractor: CBA Consulting
Purpose: Santa Fe County Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with CBA Consulting to Provide Consulting Pharmacist.
Contract Number: 2018-0023-FD-IC
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Division: DWI
Item: Amendment No. 2 NMAOC
Contractor: New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts
Purpose: Amendment No. 2 to Memorandum of Understanding between the New Mexico Administrative Office of the courts and Santa Fe County.
Contract Number: 2017-0007-DWI-MM
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Lease with Espanola Schools for Bennie Chavez
Contractor: Espanola Public School District
Purpose: Lease Agreement between Espanola Public School District and Santa Fe County Benny J. Chavez Center
Contract Number: 2015-0298-PW-PL
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Division: FIRE
Item: Glorieta Pass fire district EMS Fund Act Application
Contractor: Department of Health
Purpose: EMS Fund Act Local Funding Program Application Fiscal Year 2018
Contract Number: 2017-0178-FI-DD
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Amendment No. 2 Matthews office supply
Contractor: Matthew’s office supply
Purpose: Amendment No. 2 to the price agreement with Matthews office supply for office supplies.
Contract Number: 2015-0073-A-ASD-PL
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: SFC City Zona del Sol MOA
Contractor: City of Santa Fe
Purpose: Memorandum of Agreement for the approval of $50,000 allocation for the City of Santa Fe to improve and renovate Boys and Girls Clubs south side location at Zona del Sol.
Contract Number: 2016-0090-CM-BT
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Amendment No. 2 Tim Burns
Contractor: Tim Burns
Purpose: Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement between Santa Fe County and Tim Burns
Contract Number: 2015-0003-CSD-PL
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Statewide Expanded Operation DWI
Contractor: New Mexico Department of Public Safety
Purpose: 2015 Statewide Expanded Operation DWI (SEDWI)
Contract Number: 2016-0093-SO-BT
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Division: LAND USE
Item: Grant and cooperative agreement
Contractor: Denver OAG Acquisition Branch
Purpose: Grant and Cooperative Agreement
Contract Number: 2014-0330-GM
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Comcast Services for La Familia
Contractor: Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC
Purpose: Installation, operation, and maintenance by Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC.
Contract Number: 2013-0245-PW/MS
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Professional Service Agreement with KSWV Radio
Contractor: KSWV Radio
Purpose: Broadcast all regular monthly Santa Fe County Board of County commissioners meetings in their entirety during the term of this agreement
Contract Number: 2013-0374-MG-PL
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: MOU Santa Fe Community College Landscaping Roundabout
Contractor: Santa Fe Community College
Purpose: SFCC shall provide a completed landscape plan to the County for its review and approval as requested by the County. Following the review and if after review of the plan the County approves the landscape plan, SFCC will landscape the roundabout island at its sole expenses.
Contract Number: 2012-0014-PW-TRV
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Price Agreement with C&C Distibutors for for Janitorial Supplies
Contractor: C&C Distibutors
Purpose: Price Agreement for Janitorial Supplies
Contract Number: 29-0004-A-ASD/JC
Start Date: 2/16/2023
Item: Sole Source For Design Services
Contractor: Weston Solutions, Inc.
Purpose: To complete Engineering design services from 90% to 100% complete
Contract Number: 2023-0126-PW/KE
Start Date: 11/22/2022
Expiration Date: 12/22/2022
Item: Sole Source For Survey Services
Contractor: Precision Survey, Inc.
Purpose: To continue surveying services with Precision Survey, Inc. to provide surveying for right-of-ways for County maintained roads within the Pueblos of Nambe, Tesuque, San Ildefonso and Pojoaque.
Contract Number: N/A
Start Date: 10/14/2022
Expiration Date: 11/14/2026
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