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Santa Fe County

Growth Management / Land Use

Growth Management / Land Use

Mission Statement

To preserve the character of our existing communities and unique rural landscapes; guide future growth and development through effective planning, zoning, data analysis, permitting and enforcement; make available meaningful choices in terms of alternative living environments and life styles and preserve resources for future generations; And to address the needs and concerns of our citizens while ensuring their quality of life.

The Growth Management Department consists of four divisions:

Building and Development Services Division
Planning Division
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division
Economic Development Division


Building and Development Services The Santa Fe County Building and Development Services Department provides services such as zoning, subdivisions, lot splits, development permits for building, business registrations, code enforcement, hydrology, terrain management, special-use permits, and utility allocation to County citizens.

Planning Division The Planning Division practices a multi-faceted approach for sustainable growth management and planning with specific focus on the following topics:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division acquires, manages, interprets, analyzes and maps geographic data to ensure the county and the public can make better decisions. The GIS Division also includes the E-911 Addressing Section that is responsible for providing correct addressing to support emergency response services within Santa Fe County.

Economic Development Santa Fe County has a growing economy that provides ample business opportunities, services, and assets for its business community, and strives to promote economic development programs and projects that provide jobs and new sources of revenue

Contact Us

Santa Fe County
Growth Management Department
100 Catron St (Second Floor)
Main Number: (505) 986-6225
Fax: (505) 986-6389

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Permit Desk Open between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. 


Director, Penny Ellis-Green
(505) 986-6221 or [bot protected email address]

Administrative Assistant, Ashley Lopez
(505) 995-2787 or [bot protected email address] 

Building and Development Services Manager, Vicki Lucero
(505) 986-6222 or [bot protected email address] 

Building & Development Services Supervisor, Paul Kavanaugh
(505) 995-2716 or [bot protected email address] 

Planning Manager, Robert Griego
(505) 986-6215 or [bot protected email address] 

GIS Coordinator, Christina Kelso
(505) 986-6318 or [bot protected email address]

E-911/ GIS Administrative Assistant, Socorro Ojeda
(505) 995-2732 or [bot protected email address] 


Footing Inspections (CID) (505) 827-7043
Septic Questions (EID) (505) 827-1840
Well Questions (State Engineer) (505) 827-6175
Construction Industries (505) 476-4700
City of Santa Fe Land Use (505) 955-6571

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