Santa Fe County 2017 ICIP

Santa Fe County is preparing the 2019-2023 Infrastructure and Capital Improvements Plan (ICIP) to submit to the NM Department of Finance and Administration, Local Government Division (DFA/LGD). The ICIP serves as a planning tool and a funding request mechanism to address capital project needs within the County. The ICIP may include facilities, roads, utilities, parks, equipment and other capital projects.

2017 Capital Projects Showcase

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2017 Capital Projects Request Form

2017 ICIP Overview

Planning Division















The Planning Division works with people throughout the County to develop a future vision that informs the County policies and goals of creating safe, healthy and sustainable communities. The Planning staff works with communities to continually build relationships and to meet community needs through the adopted County policies and regulations. The Planning Division practices a multi-faceted approach for sustainable growth management and planning with specific focus on the following disciplines: community planning, affordable housing, agriculture and ranching, capital improvements, food systems, open space/parks/trails, and transportation.

Planning staff also participates in numerous committees such as the Food Policy Council, Affordable Housing Down Payment Assistance Committee, Technical Coordinating Committee of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD), and the Northern Pueblos Regional Planning Organization (NPRPO), and serves as liaison to COLTPAC, the Forest Service Plan initiative, and BLM partnerships. This office is comprised of 10 employees.

To view the Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP), please click here.

Community Planning – The community planners work on a variety of activities and issues including community planning, public participation through the establishment and coordination of Community Organizations (COs) and Registered Organizations (ROs). Planning staff also coordinate with communities and organizations in the implementation of the Agriculture and Ranching Implementation Plan. Planning staff also offers expertise related to environmental and natural resource planning, historic and cultural resource/preservation planning, food systems planning and land use related issues. 

Community Organizations and Registered Organizations (CO/RO program) - The Sustainable Land Development Code created a mechanism for communities to become established COs and ROs in order to receive notifications about development proposals. Find out if your community is eligible to apply.

Affordable Housing Program – The mission of the Affordable Housing Program is to provide increased affordable housing opportunities to workforce families living within the northern and central area of the County. The affordable housing staff coordinates programs for down payment assistance and provides assistance to low income households through the Happy Roofs program.

Open Space and Trails Planning – The open space and trails planner performs long range planning, development review and project development for the Open Space and Trails Program, which includes approximately 6,600 acres of County-owned property (26 Open Space properties) and approximately 46 miles of trails.  Staff also serves as liaison to the County Open Lands, Trails and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC). The vision of the Open Space and Trails Program is to create a network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural open spaces and trails throughout Santa Fe County.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program - The Santa Fe County TDR Program is a voluntary, incentive-based, market-driven approach to preserving agricultural land, open space and other critical resources while encouraging development in designated growth areas. The goal of the TDR program is to provide public benefit through the permanent protection of areas in Santa Fe County with high conservation values. The TDR Bank is a critical part of the TDR program which provides a reliable source of TDRs and a perpetual revolving fund to purchase TDRs from qualified property owners.

Transportation Planning -The transportation planner works with several transportation entities including the Technical Coordinating Committee of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD), and the Northern Pueblos Regional Planning Organization (NPRPO). Read about Title VI and Santa Fe County's non-discrimination clause


Contact Us

Planning Staff

Planning Manager
Robert Griego
(505) 986-6215 or [bot protected email address]

Planning Project Manager
Paul Olafson
(505) 992-9866 or [bot protected email address]

Administrative Assistant
Chrisann Romero
(505) 995-2717 or [bot protected email address]

Senior Planner - Open Space and Trails
Maria Lohmann
(505) 995-2774 or [bot protected email address]

Open Space Resource Management Specialist
Margaret (Peggy) Darr
(505) 992-9825 or [bot protected email address]

Community Planner
Lucy Gent Foma
(505) 995-2735 or [bot protected email address]

Senior Community Planner
Erin Ortigoza
(505) 986-2452 or [bot protected email address]

Community Planner
Jacob L Stock
(505) 995-2737 or [bot protected email address]

Senior Transportation Planner
Ray Matthew
(505) 995-2775 or [bot protected email address]

Senior Planner/G.I.S.
Timothy Cannon
(505) 995-2727 or [bot protected email address]

Affordable Housing Specialist
Rosemary Bailey
(505) 992-3055 or [bot protected email address]