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Tesuque Community Plan 2013

"One of the main goals of this community plan is to ensure that Tesuque maintains its rural agricultural character as a distinct, viable village. Tesuque residents do not want Tesuque to become a bedroom community for Santa Fe.

Tesuque has struggled to maintain its distinctive landscape and rural quality, as Santa Fe, a city of over 68,000 within a metropolitan area of 175,000, continues to grow around it. Through this community plan and past community efforts and partnerships, Tesuque continues to reinforce its historic development patterns and maintain a healthy ecosystem, enabling a sustainable future as a small distinctive rural community.”

Tesuque Community Plan 2013 Approved

On December 10, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the plan as amendment to the Sustainable Growth Management Plan by Resolution 2013-139.

To view the adopted Tesuque Community 2013 please click on the link below:

Overview of the Tesuque Community Plan 2013

The Plan Update is intended to guide future land development in Tesuque and address community needs.  Highlights from the plan include: 

  • New Land Use Designations and Map with provisions based on topography and existing uses, lot sizes and development patterns to ensure compatibility among various land uses, to reinforce historic patterns and protect scenic and natural resources.
  • The establishment of a Rural Commercial Overlay Zone to support existing and appropriately located commercial establishments that provide neighborhood goods and services.
  • Refinement of minimum lot size and gross density requirements that better reflect existing conditions and support rural lifestyles. In some areas the plan recommends increases to minimum lot sizes and in other areas the plan recommends decreases to minimum lot sizes.
  • Reaffirmation that minimum lot size and gross densities should not be adjusted down when community water and sewer systems are provided.
  • Allowing secondary dwelling units as a conditional use to support multi-generational households and aging in place.
  • General support for the on-going implementation of the Bishop’s Lodge Resort & Spa Master Plan.
  • Strategies for proactive and collaborative approach to code enforcement.
  • General provisions for home occupations, non-conforming uses, illegal driveways and dark night skies.
  • Incentives for preserving contiguous agricultural lands and open space.
  • A Scenic Corridor Schematic Plan and provisions that reflect the current character while improving safety in order to guide future improvements to Bishops Lodge Road and Tesuque Village Road.
  • Strategies for preserving social trails.
  • Strategies for the provision of appropriate public parking for regional access to Santa Fe National Forest.
  • Strategies to protect surface and ground water including recommending a feasibility study for waste water treatment for the area associated with the village core and Griego Hill.
  • Strategies to reduce wildfire vulnerability and enhance response capacity.
  • Strategies for enhanced walking, biking, and transit opportunities.
  • Strategies for enhancing the safety of Tesuque roads.
  • Opportunity to create a community center in Tesuque.
  • Recommendation for community members to form a committee to address land use and development issues in the planning area; to address code education and code enforcement issues; and to otherwise support implementation of the plan as a precursor to forming a Community Organization 

Plan Maps:

Census Information:

Previous Plan and Ordinance

Ordinance 2000-13 will remain in effect until sections pertaining to land use and development are codified as part of a community zoning district and adopted as amendment to the Sustainable Land Development Code

How to Provide Feedback:

Please share any questions or suggestions you may have regarding the Community Plan with County planning staff (contact information listed below).  The County needs your feedback to ensure our planning processes and plans reflect community values and preferences.

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